2018 OrthoTexas Championship Brackets

Presented by Dr Morgan and TexasLacrosse.com

Updated Thursday August 9, 2018 by Scott W.

The 20th anniversary of the DFW Summer Lacrosse League brings you the 2018 OrthoTexas Championship!!  Use the Schedule link above to see the brackets.

How we got here:

Congratulations to Bridge for winning the #1 bye in the lotto!! 

Bluth Banana Stand got the #2 bye.

10 21 30 43 63 17
Lotto Math Team
Lotto results
10+30+63=103  1+0+3=4 Bridge
21+43+17=81  8+1=9 Bluth Frozen Banana Stand

All games will be restricted to team rostered players.  All players MUST have their 2018 summer league jersey.  The game clock will start at 7pm, 8pm, and 9pm even if the teams are not ready.

At 9:00pm on field 10, there will be a league wide pickup game that anyone is welcome to join.

See Brackets here: http://texaslacrosse.siplay.com/site/ClientSite/bracket/142319/6102025//